I’m Vincent Orback, a freelancing web developer and designer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I’m available for new projects

Hyper Human is an exhibition at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm.

Visitors are challenged by a range of ethical questions about technical and medical development at three stations. I helped develop these in collaboration with Spektra.

The graphical effects for the transparent touch screens were made with WebGL using PixiJS as a framework.

Front-end developer

Välj att sluta

Välj Att Sluta (Choose to stop) is a helpline offering advice to those who seek help to change a controlling or violent behavior. Callers talk anonymously to a therapist or other professional who then suggest further treatment.

I help by continuously develop the interface used by the operators taking calls since the launch in 2019.

The operating services are built using NodeJS and React.

Developer, designer

The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images is a platform and a digital archive for queer moving images. The site is full of news, events, videos, podcasts, and more all about the queer film world.

With design by Sakaria Studio, I continue to develop on this playful website.


ME Skolan

ME Skolan offers high school education on nine different locations with machine operator training.

The website is built with WordPress and was made in collaboration with Spektra who provided the design.


Arkitektur Förlag

Arkitektur Förlag publishes the Swedish magazine Arkitektur and a variety of books on architecture, urban planning and design.

The website is built using WordPress and WooCommerce to sell books, subscriptions, posters and more.

Front-end developer


Författaren is a magazine for members of The Swedish Writers’ Union. Författaren monitors author conditions both inside and outside of the country, copyright, freedom of the press, cultural policy, book industry and library issues.

I designed and built the new website inspired by the print magazine's graphic elements.

Developer, designer


A bit about me

I like building solid things. Things that last, things that solve real problems that need solving. I like my websites to be loading fast and the pace we travel the internet to be slow.

The tools I use are a mix of different technologies including React, Node, WordPress and more.

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